Organising Committee

The team for taking care of you during the
66th CIRP General Assembly 2016

Goran Putnik

Goran Putnik,
Chairman of the Organising Committee

Zlata Putnik

Zlata Putnik
CEO Accompanying Person Program

Hildebrando Vasconcelos

Hildebrando Vasconcelos, President
Co-Chairman of the Organising Committee

Hélio Castro

Helio Castro
Org Comm CEO_1
(ParallelPlanes Lda)

Luís Rocha

Luís Rocha
Org Comm CEO_2
(CATIM, Porto)

Paulo Avila

Paulo Avila, Professor
Org Comm CEO_3
(ISEP, Porto)

Paulo Avila

Catia Alves
Org Comm CEO_4
(UMinho, Guimaraes)

Members of the CIRP Delegation from Portugal

  • Professor Paulo Bártolo (1),

    IPL, Portugal, University of Manchester, UK

  • Professor Pedro Cunha (2),

    IPS, Portugal

  • Professor Paulo Martins (2),

    IST, Portugal

  • Professor José Outeiro (2),

    Arts et Metiers ParisTech, France

Members of the Portuguese

  • Professor Valério de Carvalho

    University of Minho (Head of Department)

  • Professor Senhorinha Teixeira

    University of Minho (Former Head of Department)

  • Professor Madalena Araújo

    University of Minho (Head of the Research Centre/Research Line)

  • Eng. Manuel Martins

    President, Commercial and Industrial Association of Guimarães (ACIG)

  • Dr. António Marques

    President, Industrial Association of Minho (AIMinho)

  • Senior

  • Carla Rocha
    University of Minho
    (Domain: Technics and ICT)
  • Luís Coutinho
    University of Minho
    (Domain: Media)
  • Amélia Aguiar
    University of Minho
    (Domain: Administration)
  • Dr. Vaibhav Shah
    University of Minho
    (Domain: Communication)
  • Cláudia Fernandes
    (Domain: Logistics)
  • Nuno Araújo
    (Domain: Logistics)